Max size of ISO movie and images

I want to rip all my movies as iso files to preserve the quality. But if I read some of the posts in the different subforums some people experience payback issues on the iso files.
The setup will be on wifi and the filesize will be 6-8 gb.

But will this pose a problem on .n standard router/network ?

And what about images with a file size of 5-9 mb per images ?

Thank you for answers

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There is no max size for ISO files. The single limitation is that only DVD ISO files are currently supported as Blu-ray ISO files are not yet working.

DVD ISO files should stream just fine over a decent wifi connection.

In the current version, cover art images are limited to 600KB or less. If you don’t have any cover art images specified, cover art will be downloaded automatically.

Hello James

Hmmm. Will the max image size of 600Kb be the same for the pictures (vacations/events images) you view in the picture viewer ?


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No the 600KB restriction is just for movie/tv show poster images.

Larger image files can be viewed using the photo view, but will usually be rescaled and some quality will be lost.

We’re working to improve the photo viewing feature, and higher quality images will be supported in an upcoming version.