Mavericks update -> No AFP


I’ve updated my iMac from Lion to Mavericks, and now I can’t use Infuse anymore.
When I configure Infuse on my ATV2, it finds my network (AFP server), but when I test the configuration, it fails.
In fact, when attempting to test the connectivity of my ATV2 with my network, it indicates that I have either a connection issue or that my password/login is incorrect.

FYI I have this issue only with Infuse & XBMC, I still manage to access internet and before this OS update everything was working properly.

Do you have any idea where this issue can come from? Any solution/trick to solve it?

Thanking you in advance and brgds,


I have the same issue. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

This issue is driving me crazy!! I have two Macs (both with Mavericks). On MacBook Air I have no problems connecting via AFP to ATV but in my iMac no matter what I do the connection is rejected. Please help!!!

I have the same issue.

Does anyone have the answer to solve this problem?


No news for a fix ?

Thx a lot

Any news??? C’mon!!! This is not working!!!

1 month and no fix for Mavericks users… :frowning:



I have found a solution. At least, it works for me but FireCore should solve this “the right way”

No matter what I do, AppleTv will refuse to connect to my iMac as a registered user BUT it connects as a guest user. So I went to System Preferences in my iMac and put my “video” folder as a shared folder so anyone (including guest users) can access it. Voilà!

Now I can access my “Video” folder. But, please, please FireCore I really need to login as a registered user!


I found another solution…


Install Plex Media Server on your Mac, then install Plexify and it work perfectly !


Work 100% and without Jailbreak !