"Match Dynamic Range" did not work on 4K@60Hz

When ATV is set to 1080p@60Hz, “Match Dynamic Range” worked as expected, auto switched to the original fps of content.

When it is set to 4K@60Hz, it no longer switched…

Any idea?

Maybe the HDMI cable isn’t up to what it needs to be?

Belkin 2.1 It is able to play 4K@60Hz content, just can’t switch if content is 4K@24fps

The Apple TV has 2 Match Content settings.

  1. Match frame rate
  2. Match dynamic range

These can be enabled independently, and will enable switching of different things to match the video played.

Match frame rate will only affect the refresh rate of the video output. EG 24Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, etc…

Match dynamic range will. only affect the color mode. EG HDR, SDR, DV, etc…

Apologised, I meant to say “Match Frame Rate” didn’t work, dunno why I kept saying “Match Dynamic Range”…

Is this affecting all videos, or just a few?

Does your TV support 4K @ 24Hz?

When playback starts, Infuse sends a request to tvOS asking for a specific output mode. The actual switching is handled by tvOS, and this may be limited based on a number of factors.