MasterClass Episode Titling

Can someone help me with how to title MasterClass episodes so they show up with Metadata? I’ve reviewed the listings on theTVDB and tried lots of naming conventions… has anyone had success?

Since Infuse has shifted to TMDB for TV shows it may help if you provide a few file names we can try to help with.

Well, OK. I found the problem.

There are absolutely no episodes of Masterclass listed on TMDB. There are 126 “seasons” listed on TVDB, but (as far as I can tell), none listed on TMDB.

So, for example, I have the following files, corresponding to this listing in TVDB, but I can’t get it do display properly in InFuse:

Season 7 - Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

  • S07E01 - Introduction.mp4
  • S07E02 - Intention & Obstacle.mp4
  • S07E03 - Story Ideas.mp4
  • S07E04 - Developing Characters Part 1.mp4
  • S07E05 - Developing Characters Part 2.mp4
  • S07E06 - Research.mp4
  • S07E07 - Incorporating Research.mp4
  • S07E08 - The Audience.mp4
  • S07E09 - Rules of Story.mp4
  • S07E10 - Film Story Arc.mp4
  • S07E11 - Writing Habits.mp4
  • S07E12 - Group Workshop Untitled by JJ Braider.mp4
  • S07E13 - Group Workshop E is for Edie by Jeanie Bergen.mp4
  • S07E14 - Group Workshop Chronic by Roland Zaleski.mp4
  • S07E15 - Group Workshop The Merc by Evelyn Yves.mp4
  • S07E16 - Group Workshop From Here to Alli by Corey Wright.mp4
  • S07E17 - Writing Scenes Part 1.mp4
  • S07E18 - Writing Scenes Part 2.mp4
  • S07E19 - Scene Case Study Steve Jobs.mp4
  • S07E20 - Scene Case Study The West Wing.mp4
  • S07E21 - Writing Captivating Dialogue.mp4
  • S07E22 - Dialogue Case Study The West Wing.mp4
  • S07E23 - Rewrites First Draft.mp4
  • S07E24 - Rewrites Notes.mp4
  • S07E25 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 1.mp4
  • S07E26 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 2.mp4
  • S07E27 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 3.mp4
  • S07E28 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 4.mp4
  • S07E29 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 5.mp4
  • S07E30 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 6.mp4
  • S07E31 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 7.mp4
  • S07E32 - The West Wing Writers’ Room Part 8.mp4
  • S07E33 - Group Workshop Pitch Session.mp4
  • S07E34 - Group Workshop Aaron Pitches Mission to Mars.mp4
  • S07E35 - Closing Thoughts.mp4

Any ideas?

Updated to add: I created one season of the show on TMDB, just to see how it works… but it’ll be a great deal of work to manually recreate what’s already done at TVDB.

I guessing the only way it’s going to work is to add the series to TMDB. It’s one of those shows that wasn’t available on TMDB that was on TVDB. As far as I know, there’s no easy way to do it other than what you’ve started. I’ve added a few shows too and for the ones I was missing it wasn’t a big deal. 95%+ of my shows were on TMDB and it’s been that way for most.

Do you have ALL of the master class seasons they list on TVDB or are there only some that you have?

If it’s not too many I may be able to spend a little time helping you add them to TMDB.

I’d suggest you name the files like
" MasterClass S07E01 Introduction.mp4"
instead of just
“S07E01 - Introduction.mp4”
It will keep things far easier to manage and having the series name as part of the file name will make searching far easier on the server.

Unfortunately, it looks like these particular titles are not supported on TMDB at this time. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I read that entire thread and, I have to say, their position reminds me of the kind of power-hungry silliness I used to see from message board moderators and channel mods on IRC. I mean, if the whole point of TMDB is to be of use to people (by providing open-source data), who is served by excluding anything?

Nonsense. And, frustrating.

I can understand both points of view.

It seems like this is a well organized series which could easily fit within the scope of a normal TV show.

However, allowing one online class title probably means you have to allow others, and there is a lot of this content online. This could result in a lot of garbage entries on TMDB, thus impacting their main focus of providing a database for movies and TV shows.

Edit: Having the ability to create custom series in Infuse is something we hope to look into for the future. You can follow this thread for updates.

OK @james , I’ve given up on the folks over at TMDB. So… now what?

Is there no capacity in InFuse to handle content that’s not in TMDB?

Guys, any answer here?

As James said above, being able to create custom series is something they hope to be able to look into in the future and the best way to keep track of that is to follow the thread he listed. It’s currently marked as “Wishlist” meaning that they feel it’s a good idea for a future update but they don’t have a time frame for it.

Watch for it to change to “Planned” or “In-Progress” to see when it’s getting legs. :wink:

I never noticed that the artwork changed in Infuse until I went back to my Masterclass collection in Infuse.

It used to be that each season of Masterclass had the artwork for whoever the season would be about. For example Season 7 was about Aaron Sorkin and you could see the poster I used to have in Infuse here

Now each poster looks identical for each season and I have absolutely no idea what each season is. Literally. Then I noticed that TMDB has basically no metadata for Masterclass except for a few select seasons that are listed independently as TV shows.

Is there any way to get that old artwork back from TheTVDB?

I moved your post to a thread discussing the problems with MasterClass and TMDB. There’s a link above to a suggestion thread that addresses the ability to customize the artwork and metadata for tv series that you can add your support to.

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 10.08.18 PM
Am I not doing this properly? The folder selected contains all the episodes. I have this poster.jpg file but Infuse is not updating the poster.

You can try naming the jpg “folder.jpg” (no show name needed) and placing it inside the folder you have selected instead of at the same level in the directory.

Does it matter that I’m using Infuse Pro 6.7

I don’t recall. I haven’t used V6 in a long time.

You can try it and see. I know for me that there were so many improvements and new features in V7 that I didn’t even look back to V6.

folder.jpg inside the folder has not changed the season artwork.

After you added the jpg to the folder did you navigate in Infuse to videos inside that folder? Sometimes that will trigger Infuse to look at new artwork.

Hello all, has someone found a solution to organise the Masterclass courses in a friendly way for Infuse?

I put some seasons for the test on TMDB: MasterClass (TV Series 2015- ) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Those will certainly be deleted as soon as a mod finds them; so don’t invest any more effort there.

The only way to have non-TMDB approved content “recognized” by Infuse is to name your files as if they were episodes of something entirely different that is allowed and indexed by TMDB, and then manually override the TMDB-provided metadata through the addition of custom poster and fanart images (that you create and co-locate with your files) and .nfo (or .xml) files that you’ve created to change the displayed titles, dates, plot summaries and cast & crew info for each “episode” and “series”.

To do this, you need to find a series on TMDB that (1) is not one you possess files for and/or intended to add to your collection and (2) has the requisite number of seasons and episodes per season to serve as a stand-in for your preferred content that does not meet TMDB’s rules for inclusion in their database.

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