Massive stutter on iPad Air 2

Hi, I bought Infuse 3.0.2 for € 8.99; I am using an iPad Air 2 with 128 GB, running under IOS 8.1.2.

All MKV Videos that I uploaded to Infuse directly on the iPad are stuttering so bad that they are unwatchable.
Sound is okay (in most cases, not in all), but the Video Shows one new Frame every 6 seconds or so.
I have already restarted the iPad, to no avail.

Am I doing something wrong? Are my files “wrong”? Is this a known Problem in Infuse?

Thank you,

Hi, I just updated Infuse to the new version 3.1 - but the mentioned Problem still exists. :frowning:
From reading other Posts here I get the Impression that it might be a Problem with my Hardware?? Does Infuse not work well with iPad Air 2?

There shouldn’t be a problem using the iPad Air 2, but there may be something specific to the file type you are trying to play.

If you have a chance, would you mind running one of the files through ‘MediaInfo’ and attaching the specs?

MediaInfo is a free download available at the links below.



Thanks for the reply James! I created “XML sidecar files” for three of the MKV movies affected, see attachment.

Hi James, did you receive the files I attached to my last posting above? I’m a bit unsure, because I cannot see the attachments…

Hmm, it doesn’t look like your attachment made it through.

Can you try re-uploading?

Ok, next try to upload two attachments. I hope it works this time. :wink:

I hope you can see the files?

Hi James, did the attachments come trough to you this time?