Mashup closed

Hi guys,

Still very new to this but mashup has gone off my screen has a message saying it was closing down. Does this happen a lot or a one off never to be seen again.
Can someone recommend another add on like mash up. Mainly brought Apple TV for the mashup add on cause of everything you can do on it. But looks like now I can’t use it.

Any advice or guidance would be great.

Yes, it’s gone… The message we’re getting is:
“” Hello users

This will be my last update
Mashup will no longer function
I know is not fear for me to delete Mashup from you device
But it is my code and I am accountable for it.
Mashup has really grown and has became popular so
I have to protect my self.
If you are a user and bought your box for the sole purpose of Mashup
Talk to you seller that is not my responsibility.
If you are a box seller,there are nothing I can do for you.
For an alternate addons go to hxxp://
I would like to thank all my loyal fans thus far."

All mashup did was search for the videos using many different sources, it was convenient but you just have to search the sources individually. i.e. Movie25,, etc.