Marking as watched

I am using the iPad app 6.3.1 (2950) together with Plex running on my QNAP Nas Version

My issue with the syncing of the watched status back to Plex.

I connected to Plex using Add Files, then downloaded a file to watch on my iPad.

I was on a plane so the network was off; I completed the film and it should as watched in Infuse.

Three days later I am looking at my Plex server directly and the film is showing as unwatched. There is definately only a single copy of the film.

Does anyone know the best way to troubleshoot this; assuming the play status should be being synced?

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, this is not supported at this time.

Hey NC Bullseye, thanks for the quick response and sorry for the newbie mistake of not using the search properly to find the topic!

I also run an Emby server on the same media (don’t ask) and of course this works fine; as Trackt tells Emby what has been seen. I think this was a business decision by Plex to remove the two way sync so you are forced to use their software and their method of accessing the content.

Now I remember why I stopped using Plex!