Marking a file as TV show instead of Movie if I can't rename it?

A lot of my TV show files are being misidentified as movies, which means that even trying to “Edit metadata” and search for it manually, it’s not finding it because it’s searching for movies. I know I could get around the issue by renaming the files (S01E01 etc.) or changing the folder structure, but unfortunately, I can’t rename the files on one of my webdav library. Any workaround for this situation? I’m stuck with a ton of files that have perfectly fine metadata out there, but I just can’t get Infuse to detect them as TV shows…

Currently you would need to change the file name to one of the recognized formats in order to search for the correct metadata in the TV shows.

There’s a suggestion thread requesting the ability to search both TV and movie for files like what you’re seeing issues with.

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Awhh bummer :\ Thanks for the link to the suggestion thread, I fav’d that first post!

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