Sorry if this is repeat of previous threads.


After JB’ing the ATV2 3 times and then sussing out I need to do a tethered reboot with a power cable things started going well. I then installed all the different software I wanted.

I then needed to disconnect the 4m long extension cable I needed to use to do a tethered reboot. After doing this the bloody ATV2 would reboot and all I got was the Blue iTunes logo and cable… 


I give up

You cannot disconnect the power or you will need to repeat the tethered boot. In practise this means you need the ATV2 to be near its final resting place plugged into the power point it is meant to work from, and take the PC/Mac to where the ATV2 is located.

If the ATV2 has to be near it final position thats one BAD solution. PLus you need to do a tethered reboot every time the power goes down…not good enough. I wont be  using ATV Flash Black until it is up to a reliable level.


This has nothing to do with ATV Flash Black, that is stable as hell.


This has to do with the Jailbreak method which takes time to compile the untethered jailbreak method then implemented into seas0npass.

What other options are there? Is there any other more stable JB’s that can be used with ATVFlash Black?

Not if you have the 5.0 firmware installed.

There are untethered jailbreaks for earlier firmware releases, but you can only revert to them if you already have the relevant digital signatures for the release in question on your particular device.

There is rumoured to be an untethered jailbreak for the 5.0 firmware coming in the not too distant future. However that is almost certainly weeks away rather than days away.