Mark unfinished episode/movie as unwatched

This option is available when long pressing an item in the up next list (doesn’t work on Apple TV) but not in a series/movie details page. Why not? It could be added as a long press context menu on the ‘Mark as Watched’ button for both unfinished movies and episodes. This way I can reset the playback progress for an item without messing up my Trakt history.

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I don’t use Trakt but doesn’t it update to unwatched when you click on the “Mark As Watched” and then immediately click on the “Mark as Unwatched”?

You are right. But wouldn’t it make sense to have the ability to reset the playback progress or resume position? Long pressing an item in the Up Next List on iOS and iPadOS does already provide both ‘Mark as Watched’ and ‘Mark as Unwatched’. Why not make it consistent throughout the app?

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I could see adding it to the items in the Up Next list on the home screen on ATV but personally I don’t see much to gain. It’s so fast just to click the up next item and then double click the watch button.

99.9% of my viewing is on the ATV so I may not be the best judge though.

I guess it’s a matter of preference then. It’s not a huge problem, but I thought it would be something to make the experience a bit smoother.

BTW right now there is no long press context menu showing up at all on ATV. Again not a huge problem, just not consistent with iOS and iPadOS.


Can confirm. Up List items do nothing on Long-Press except wait to enter details page when you give up hoping for the “Marked /UnWatched” option to appear. :confused:

I do. I need to use this feature far too often, and would certainly appreciate a more efficient way to do this.

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