Mark the movie as viewed

A very inconvenient system … I don’t know how to say … “mark the movie as viewed”. A movie is marked as viewed if he has been fully watched. But. Nobody watches the movie to the end. We click on “stop” when titres start. And that’s another 2-3% of the movie time. As a result - we the film was viewed. But in the collection the film is marked as “in progress”. Correct this please. Make that if more than 90% of the movie has been viewed, then it is marked as viewed. Or enter an option in the settings so you can choose it yourself.

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Currently, we are using the following thresholds for marking things as watched.

  • TV Shows - 98%
  • Movies - 92%

This should cover most normal watching patterns, but let us know if you see issues with more than one title.

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Yes, I face this problem all the time. Especially in series, which have a much higher % of titres time than a simple movie.

The average length of a film is 100 minutes. 92% is 8 minutes of subtitles. Subtitles are often 9-10 minutes long, which is why the problem arises. No problem only with long films over 2 hours.

The problem is that you want to balance with the ones that have shorter credits. If you mark as watched too soon then if someone had to pause for the last 5-10min of a movie and they tried to go back to it they couldn’t. It’s easier to mark as watched than to unmark and go back.

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And now many movies have Easter Eggs in the credits ya might miss the only good thing with some movies. :wink:

I like the settings as they are, like munpip214 said it’s easier to mark a movie as watched than to go back and find where you left off.

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Well, when I finish whatever I watch I just click towards the end of the content once and ends it (Which is just a 5sec activity)
Click towards the end if you want to watch the next episode, if not just leave some gap and click on the progress bar (Trakt updated): stuck_out_tongue:
Well, it became a habit now and the problem is no more: stuck_out_tongue:

Would be great if we can get the Skip Intro and Watch next episode buttons before titles like we see on Netflix (Lol asking too much???)

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All you suggest - is a way to fix a program error. Watching the film to the very end, marking it as viewed - it’s all possible. But it’s inconvenient. If you pressed pause 3 minutes before the end of the film (although I don’t understand how this is possible) and the film is marked as viewed - this does not prevent you from watching the film to the end. Even if it is marked as viewed. This is just a mark, not a prohibition to watch it. :slight_smile: You remember that you overlooked the movie.And watch the movie later.
but I have to constantly (!!) press rewind at the end of the movie or mark it as viewed. Every episode of the series. It is very uncomfortable.
Alternatively, make an option in the settings that selects the time to mark “viewed”.

for exampe.
film Unhinged (2020)
duration 01:31:05
subtitles start with 01:21:00
the movie is not marked as viewed…
Fix please.

Just an observation but as stated above there will be exceptions to the percentages but Infuse has dialed them in over the years to meet the majority of the cases so if the numbers were changed to meet the few exceptions then the rest could be marked watched too early.

Forgive me, but what is wrong if the movie is marked as viewed 3 minutes before the end of the movie? How often do people press the stop button 3-5 minutes before the end of the movie to watch the next day? :slight_smile: It seems to me that this happens 1 time in 10,000 :slight_smile: But the opposite situation - it happens every second viewing …

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One example is movies before the 80s where the credits actually came at the beginning of the film instead of the end. So you actually want to go to the end.

Like we said, it takes a second to mark a movie as watched while it takes much longer to find your place again, especially if you don’t know exactly where you were. I personally have only had issues where it marked watched too soon, though. When I am commuting on the train, when I arrive at my stop I have to stop my movie or show, even if only a few minutes left.

I find it surprising that you have this issue with every other movie. Maybe it is specific type or language or something?

Yes you are right. But now we watch the majority - modern films, with credits at the end. For example, the end of the movie “Lord of the Rings” takes 28 (!!) minutes. And there are a lot of such examples.

I don’t quite understand - why look for the place where you are staying? :slight_smile: If you pressed pause - then just press play. But even if the program has closed and you started it again, the program will always offer you a choice - to continue browsing from where you stopped or start over. It is very convenient and does not depend on whether you watched the movie or not.

Alas, this happens with almost all full-length modern films. Most films are 90-100 minutes long. And the credits ~10 minutes. And I think that this time will only increase - more and more information is added to the credits. And this is more than the set 8 minutes. :frowning:

As soon as you get far enough for it to count as watched it resets the playback to the beginning once you leave. If you stop in the middle it remembers, but stopping at the end and it won’t.

And yes LotR is one of the few I have actually noticed this issue.

This means that you are watching TV shows, not full-length films, since you do not notice this problem.

I think an additional parameter in the program settings would solve this problem for everyone.

I notice this a lot in TV series and it causes confusion as to where I’m up to. Often the titles are long at the end or preview the next episode so it ends up showing a s unwatched. Most recently this happened while binge watching Game of Thrones (yeah I know I’m late to the party - it never took my fancy but after 8 seasons in a couple of weeks…) and also with Cobra Kai

Yes, unfortunately this happens very often. I have 90% of films and TV series marked “not watched” when stopped at the beginning of credits.

It would be handy to have a user changeable percentage for the “watched” status. After all, even if it shows as watched I can still resume from where I left off.

So I ask for the same! To add an option to the settings.