Mark entire folder/category as watched/unwatched

it would be nice to be able to mark entire content of one folder to “watched”.




On iOS, why not use the slide to right to add a shortcut, I.e. mark as read a folder or a file?

On tvOS, why not add the mark as read directly on the main folder of a tv show, with no regards to the number of seasons it may contain?

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Please, add Mark whole TV series/favourite/folder as unwatched.

I’ve found older questions about this, but since this forum has no way to upvote feature requests, I’m opening a new topic for this (which will probably get closed soon, and then on and on and on …)

So, since I’ve already had a huge library of videos once I started to use Infuse on my AppleTV device, it’s way too much work to mark each of them as “watched” manually.

User interface wise, it should be not much work to add a dialog that asks me if I want to mark everything as watched when I add a folder from my NAS, for instance. Or some other way, maybe in the global settings. It’s rarely needed, so even something a bit more hackish would be sufficient, though, sadly, AppleTV has no :slight_smile:

Or if I could simply upload text a file to the app’s local file store that contains the titles or file names I want to mark watched. Sure, transferring that file will be a bit of a hassle, but there are plenty of guides for that. Anything is better than me having to go over 100s of titles and mark them watched one by one!

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We do have a way to show support for suggestions. In the “Suggestions” section of the forum you can “Like” the first post and the forum tracks likes for the first post in this section. We try to keep each thread to a single suggestion so we don’t muddy the choice of what to like.

I’ve moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum that suggests adding a feature that sounds like it would work for you.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Also, just in case you didn’t know, Infuse has the ability to mark entire seasons of TV shows as watched by long pressing on the season poster. That will help a lot if you’re adding watched TV shows.

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I am aware. But as I said, I have 100s of those. It’s just not feasible to do this by hand. I had it all nicely organized in my Air Video app that I’ve been using for nearly a decade. If Infuse had an import & export feature by which I could get its current database, and whereby I could give it an updated one, that would be great. Or some other API. I’m a dev, so I could handle it, and probably also share it (the difficulty with sharing free stuff is that it requires usually more work to explain what it does than to write it :smiley: ).

As you can probably tell, that method of showing support for a feature request is not obvious to most, as I’m the first to like this, even though there have been others asking for it, clearly. :slight_smile:

Also, when I searched the forum for “mark as watched” this particular one didn’t even pop up. And another that I found, which funnily also contained a similar request from you, and that was moved somewhere else, had NO LINK to show me where it got moved, so I could not find the one that I should have liked, even. Can this be improved, i.e. can the forum software be enabled or enhanced to automatically indicate where a moved post ended up, perhaps?

To bounce back on that topic…

What eludes me is that the option is for seasons, not tv shows. If you can enable that fonction for seasons, episodes and movies, why is it not available for tv shows?

For the noob that I am it’s a complete mystery.

I supports that idea, even though it would be immensely tedious. In that case, infuse should be able to read it, as long as that file is saved on a folder that is marked as favorite in the library.

In short, there is a lot of room to improve that function.