“Mark As Watched and Delete?” Pop Up Selection

I think it would be convenient for users who like to delete after watching to get a popup when a show nears the ends that asks “Mark As Watched and Delete?”. This would save a lot of clicks.

Only if that thing is optional and can be disabled in settings - having an annoying popup every time you finish an episode and then the option to delete something by accident is a disaster in the making (for users personal collection and the whole application business, if every time you have an option to accidentally delete staff from your library)

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Absolutely, it should be an option in settings to turn on or off much like File Management is. It would resolve a lot of complaints about the hoops one has to go through currently to delete a show.

Being a global option would still be frustrating. I’m guessing most people separate temporary stuff and archive in folders so it would work better if it’s per folder/favorite option.

Nope…disagree. I wouldn’t want to be interrupted by a pop-up when watching anything, so I would disable…and then be left in the same situation…constantly pushing for the delete button to be given back the prominence it once had.

The option could be set for TV shows only, Movies only, etc or global

The pop up would only trigger when the end of the program is reached for eg. when within the last 5% of the program timeline. If the user decided to stop watching before that threshold is reached to continue watching another day it would not pop up.

A pop up would be annoying! I just want to swap the rate and delete buttons.

At a minimum, I would settle for this too! I never use the rate option or even playlists for that matter.

A pop-up is a terrible idea. And a delete button has to be optional too. I don’t ever delete anything and I don’t want to accidentally do that.


Just as the post-credit sting comes on?!

I also disagree with the popup suggestion BUT it shouldn;t take 3 swipes and 3 clicks to delete something.

Maybe if you long press on the Mark As Watched button, it will then ask if you want to delete?

Correct. The popup option would only occur when

  1. user activates the option in settings
  2. playhead is near the end of the program ie. where the credits kick in
  3. user exits out of the program or program ends on its own and #1 and #2 above are also met

And when we’re at that, automating this would be nice too. I always delete everything after watching because it is on a temporary space.