Mark as viewed?

I bet this has already been answered in here but there isn’t a search which makes it very difficult to find.

I have Infuse 4 on my apple TV and for the life of me I can’t seem to find a way to mark an episode as watched?! I know I must be missing something obvious, I even signed up for that and I still can’t go back into show on a file share and see it marked as watched.

I have the Infuse application mapped to a file share on my server with all my shows on it, I am icon for the show to go in and see all the show episodes listed and playing from there.

Please show me the error of my ways? I would really love to see some sort of icon on top of the viewed videos when I look in there.


Would be a very good feature indeed. For now I’m using the shelf above the infuse icon to keep track of recently seen shows, I think that makes a good workaround for now.

Features like that are planned for Version 4.2, afaik.

There is currently no GUI support for either showing or manipulating the watched indicator. It has been stated by FireCore that this will be arriving in the 4.1 release.

In the current release if you have infuse logged into your account and scrobbling enabled, then if you get very near to the end of an item (not sure exactly how near the end but it needs to be within a minute or so) then will be updated to mark it as watched. One way to see this happening is to go into a season of a TV series and see which episode is the one that is auto-selected in the upper panel. This will be the first episode in that season that infuse thinks is unwatched. If you watch that episode, and then after watching it come out of the season folder and then back in you will see it is the next episode that is now auto-selected.

Great to hear that this is coming in 4.1

Totally miss this from my Boxee, and I will have a look at the suggestions for interim solutions.