Mark all as watched?

Hi, again,

Maybe I’m blind, but how can i mark my whole library as watched?Not going to every folder or even subfolder to mark as watched???

Tanks for any help.


There is not a way to mark your entire library as watched, but on Apple TV you can mark an entire season or series as watched by long-pressing on the season or series poster and selecting the Mark as Watched option. This option will be available while browsing through the Library.

Additionally, you can log in to Trakt and use the Trakt website to mark items as watched. Your Trakt history will then sync back to Infuse (and vice versa).

OK. Just if you have for example 1 folder Science Fiction, inside 3 folders Start Trek, Star Wars, there inside start trek classic, DS9, Voyager etc and than folders with the seasons, yo have to drill down to each last folder. No possibility to say Science Fiction _> watched.

For me I can only mark an entire series if it contains only one season. If it has more than one season the option for mark as watch isn’t available. Actually, when there are more than one season inside a series folder you get no options when you long press the series folder.

I started a new thread with my specific question/observation since this one is marked as solved.

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