Mark All as Viewed?

I just recently switched over from using xbmc to atv flash 2.0 so i just imported my entire library, most of which i have watched already.  I amwonderign if there is a simple way to mark all items in my library as watched so I can then go back to the few items i have not watched and mark them as unwatched.


that will be much quicker then going to each of the hundreds of items in my library and marking them all as watched.



I know that it syncs with, so I am wondering if I can just go into and mark movies as watched and have them show up as watched in meida player?

The data is stored in the file: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Media/WatchingsDB.sql

You need to add the “itemID” for each video and set the “state” to a value of “2”.

The issue is that the “itemID” is stored in another db file: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Media/

I am not good enough with SQLite to write that sql using two DBs…


However, I have confirmed that downloading the WatchingDB.sql, running the following command against it, uploading it back to the AppleTV works, it marks that episode as watched.


VALUES (‘7FE2A8CE5506C7F66D278A2CCB4FAC60’, 2, 0.0);

Ok, so I just figured it out.


1 - Download:

2 - SSH into your AppleTV

3 - Copy both of these files to your computer



4 - Open the file with the sqlitebrowser app

5 - Export the “FileIndex” table as a CSV file.

6 - Close the file

7 - Open WatchingsDB.sql

8 - Import the FileIndex table

9 - Delete the contents of the table “watchings”

10 - Run the following sql

INSERT INTO WATCHINGS (itemID, state, progress) SELECT itemID, 2, 0.0 FROM FileIndex;

11 - Delete the newly created FileIndex table

12 - Save WatchingsDB.sql

13 - Copy it back to your AppleTV


That’s it!

Any reason not to do:

UPDATE watchings
SET state=2, progress=0.0


** Nevermind i get it now…

I had to also CHMOD it after I sent it back to the appletv.