Map network drive

Hi I was wondering if its possible to map network drive or share to Infuse.
So I dont have to browse for de folder with the movies.
Kind of like in windows where I can add a network share to My Movies folder.

yup, i waiting this feature too …

Not quite sure what you are looking for?

If you mean that you want a network share (or a folder on a network share) to appear as fast navigation options in infuse, then this is already possible. For instance I have entries for ‘TV’ and ‘Films’ which map to folders on my media server.

When you configure a network share the available options are:

  • name
  • address
  • workgroup
  • user
  • pass

then we can browse the folders available in this share (in my case i got a few ones like “downloads” / “documents” / “videos”) … and into the videos folders i got the ones for fast access “TV Shows” and “Movies” … it will be great direct mapping to these in the infuse main screen (infuse main screen or fast access only shows the “name” of network share) …

when you add a share you can add a folder at the end of the address field. Therefore I have entries like:
Share Name: TV
Address: ServerAddress/Media/TV

What I basicly want is to add network movis as if they were stored localy.

Yup, you are right, thks !!!

yesterday i try and it doesnt work but probaby was an user permissions issue =)