Many videos crash Infuse when tapping the options button


I have a lot of issues when trying to enter the options menu to configure audio, video, and subtitles. It works fine with some files, but with a lot of others (some mkv or mp4 for example), when tapping the button to enter the menu, Infuse simply crashes.

To reproduce this bug, using an iPhone 4s, I'm downloading "Monsters" video from this page:

It will display a warning that no sound can be played because you don't support DTS audio, so I just continue anyway and try to enter the options menu. The app freezes and I need to restart it. There is no way to display the options menu for this specific video.

It happens with lots of my files. Please fix this.

Hmm, that's quite strange.

I just tested that exact video here, and was able to get into the options menu and adjust settings without any issues. (iPhone 5S, iOS 7.1, Infuse 2.2.2)

Which version of Infuse and iOS are you running? Is your iPhone jailbroken by chance?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1, Infuse 2.2.2, no jailbreak.

Thanks. I'll try and test on a 4S later today, just to see if it makes a difference.

Quick question, is the movie stored on the iPhone itself or are you streaming from another device?

Hi James,

Thank you for your concern. After a complete reboot of the iPhone, this problem was solved.

I just bought the pro version to be able to read all other videos with Dolby audio, and it seems to work well, except with DTS audio.

Thank you!

hello, i have iphone 5 running latest update using infuse 2 pro.

I have a Ex HDD connected to my router streaming to iphone, but when i choose my movie folder which has 130 movies (each movie is in its own folder) infuse crashes. no errors it just crashes.

when i go to my tv series folder which has only 10 tv series (divided in subfolders as well) infuse works just fine.

Is there a solution for it other than separate all the movies into different folders?. or is there a limit for the number of file in a single folder?  

thanks in advance.