***Many Questions***

1.  If the Apple TV 2 out of the box comes with version 4.1, is it downgradable to 4.0?

2.  How do you browse the web using couch surfer?  Can we use a keyboard and mouse?

3.  Can we stream avi files?  Do we use Plex to do this?

4.  Will this be able to stream from a network harddrive like mybooklive? 

5.  Can Airplay or some form of it be used on version 4.0? 



1. No

2. not sure yet... still waiting for mine...

3. Yes, with PLEX

4. I believe it has to rub through the Mac....

5. No

2. You can use the standard remote, or the free iPhone/iPad 'Remote' app from Apple.

4. Currently all media will need to be streamed from a Mac/PC via iTunes (or from Plex).

Thanks guys!  Fast response.  You guys got a nice write up on Engadget.  I hope to see lots of improvements with this great program.  Can't wait for the update on 4.1.