Many issues with Documentaries (TV Shows)

Why does Infuse have so many problems with Documentaries from BBC, Discovery, History, Natgeo and so on.

Information is already on thetvdb, and I have checked with Plex and it all works just fine. I download all my shows with Sonarr

Take this show for example: which does not work for me

Or this other one: which gets matched at episode and season level but I get no art at show level.

Or this other one: which is not really that different and works just fine.

NOTE: most documentaries do not work with the standard /Series/Series Name/Season XX/SXXEYY - episode_name.mp4 structure

but with: /Series/Series Name/Season XXXX/SXXXXEYY - episode_name.mp4

where XXXX is the year

Take this series for example: which has been going on since 1964

I am Using Infuse 5 PRO but I have seen more or less the same behavior on Infuse 4 PRO

All of your examples work great with the standard naming conviction Folder= "Series Name " > Season folder “Season 01” or “Season 2018” > File name = Series name.sXXeXX.ext. I tried all the first three you provided and all worked with the above naming and they all fetched the synopsis and graphics.

Folder = Dangerous Knowledge
Season Folder = Season 01
File Name = Dangerous Knowledge.s01e01.mkv

Folder = NOVA
Season Folder = Season 01
File Name = NOVA.s01e01.mkv

Folder = The Sky At Night
Season Folder = Season 2018
File Name = The Sky At Night.s2018e01.mkv

Note the last one, “The Sky At Night” does go by year but if you substitute the year for the season number it still pulls all the info and graphics.