Manually set library folder as movie or TV series

  1. Some movies and tv shows have same names. Some TV shows have SP episodes that TheMovieDB can recognize as movie.
    It seems that infuse query TheMovieDB as default and that makes many TV shows incorrectly shown as movies.
    It would be great if infuse allow manually setting folder’s function (setting certain scrapper).

  2. As far as I have tried, many Japanese and Chinese TV series are recorded in TVDB but infuse pro cannot correctly collect metadata for them. They can be easily found on TVDB’s website with their names in their original language or English substitutes (For example, 1. 半沢直樹, Hanzawa Naoki, JP, 2. 白夜追凶, Day And Night, CN). I have done some research and tests on TVDB’s API and their API V2 seems to require ‘Accept Language’ as a query parameter. I’m thinking maybe infuse’s query function does not contain this parameter, which may cause the issue above.

This has already been suggested in terms of simply allowing us to define any number of libraries. Throw your support behind Allow defining any number of libraries (vote it up).