Manually selected metadata listing gets changed back to initial listing

Diagnostics: W7J8S

It works for a while, then it automatically changes back to what it initially matched.

This has happened for a few days on a few titles. I have no clue why.

Any news? It’s still happening.

Any chance you have embedded metadata turned on or do you have local metadata in the same folder?

Nope and nope.

Infuse is switching to a different title with a similar name and a different release year. It’s also switching back to English from original language metadata.

It’s periodically resetting my manually selected metadata.

macOS: J33GB




Infuse remembers manual edits, so I wonder if it isn’t remembering a previous manual edit (perhaps made in error) and overwriting every time it detects the “unwanted” match?

Maybe unsync one of the devices from iTunes and see if it still happens? If that works, you might need to unsync all the devices from iCloud and delete the Infuse data from your iCloud account (and then reconnect all the devices).

If turning off iCloud sync doesn’t work, maybe try also deleting the local metadata on the device, and see if that helps.

Something seems glitchy.

I already tried moving the folders and renaming them to fit TMDB conventions.

That might not be working because as long as Infuse identifies the moved or renamed file as the same movie, it will apply the same metadata to it; and the same metadata correction.

I believe Infuse does this to not break things for users who regularly move files around and to facilitate grouping multiple versions of the same movie in different locations or with different filenames under the same metadata title.