Manually select artwork from TMDB

+1 for this suggestion.

Was able to control the posters with local artwork, but I have moved some of my content to pcloud and local artwork is not picked up on cloud locations.

Would be great if we could select artwork within Infuse.

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Just to say that I’d love this option too.
It’s something I miss from Kodi so much.

That and the fact you can’t keep the original title, how to sort the movies, edit the displayed title.
Like if you want to keep a trilogy together but the sorting make them go to different places. Anyway !

As of 7.1 artwork is now being pulled from TheMovieDb and while 90% of the time the artwork from that source seems “ok” there are times when the artwork that has been picked as primary is a little bit rubbish!

I’ve joined TheMovieDb thinking I can, in some way, effect the choice of this primary artwork and it seems difficult, if not impossible, to do this given some of the rules they have. An example of this is that the Background should always be from the latest season. Not something that I completely agree with as the latest season artwork is sometimes junk.

While I understand that I can add artwork to the folders/series/seasons/episodes of my library it would be much easier/better to have a “edit artwork” button (in the same place as the edit metadata link) that would at least give you the option of picking from the selection of artwork (poster & background) that is already on TMDb.

Hopefully, others will think this suggestion good enough to like it! :slight_smile:


Experiencing the same: I joined TMDB to try improve the quality of my library pictures without working with weird custom stuff locally (polluting also the local folders…). Definitely the option to chose the TMDB picture would be perfect.

This would be super useful now that series logos are coming, a simple GUI to change the background would be a great addition to make sure things look great. The Plex workaround is all well but logos aren’t currently planned for Plex.

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Currently Infuse uses the first image found on for the poster and backdrop (i.e. fanart) of a movie. However, sometimes I prefer other images on

Right now I have to manually save the image I want, copy next to the movie file and name the image in a specific way as described by Overriding Artwork and Metadata.

I think it would be nicer if I could view the images in the app directly, and be able to select the image I want to use—similar to how holding the trailer button shows the list of alternate trailers available.

Agree that it would be a nice feature; but it certainly wouldn’t be a very efficient one (at least on the AppleTV) for doing that en masse.

I generate all my 4K titles’ posters custom (and share them to TMDB), but for the rest of my collection I mostly pick from available artwork when grabbing my files’ metadata using Kodi on my PC. Kodi makes it easy to quickly view the default posters and fanart for each item in your collection, and to efficiently browse and choose from alternatives whenever desired. It also handles the work of saving them all to your server alongside the source files.

The Kodi workflow is efficient enough it’s allowed me to have individually chosen the poster and fanart images used for every single film and TV series in my collection. This is likely be far beyond the detail most folks will want to go, but I present it as an option you might consider using to improve your personal experience in Infuse (in an area Infuse itself doesn’t currently offer any help).

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having an in-GUI method for changing posters would be a nice feature to add to Infuse, very accustomed to this with Kodi so miss it when using Infuse.


Tinymediamanager also has this feature, I really hope that Infuse could implement it as well.

I referring to the individual TV and Movie posters I’m not talking about the icons of the library.

If you already manage your library with TMM (or, as I do, Kodi), just save the poster and fanart image files next to their media files and Infuse will recognize and show them instead of any TMDB defaults.

I think it would be nicer if I could view the images in the app directly, and be able to select the image I want to use—similar to how holding the trailer button shows the list of alternate trailers available.

It’s nice to have the option to select artwork. Especially if you’re a Chinese Speaker, this would be fantastic. Because Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are just simply merged into Chinese in TMDB. This is so confusing, and you could see Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese users are fighting for their artworks all the time. So I would be so happy to have the option to select instead of leaving the work to users’ fighting, I guess XD

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Okey dokey🫡

Really need this feature cause I want posters shown in the original language of shows while text metadata remains in my native language :pray:

In the meantime you can download the posters you like from TMDB and then add them to your file server alongside the video files they are paired with (just name them exactly the same as the video file and append “-poster” to the end).

hello everyone.

this feature was in the upcoming features for a long time, now i can’t find it anywhere. has this implementation been abandoned? :frowning:

I was so excited about it.

No, the upcoming features were just cleaned up and are undergoing some rearranging due to some major programing direction changes. It’s still planned and will probably reappear once Firecore gets the next major release out and they have a chance to look at the overall roadmap.