Manually select artwork from TMDb


Selecting which poster and border is displayed, and having these selections sync between iOS and tvOS, would be a great feature!

Kind of ruins the benefit of the poster UI when the posters it gives you are awful and you can’t change them. Issue definitely needs more attention from Firecore.

+1 for this! Would be a great thing to have! I agree some of the posters it selects are pretty bad compared to what could be used, having the choice would benefit the app greatly

Check this, very very nice posters… bleeeee no way to change it… I will try it (here is tv show friends, but still without change.
This is horrible:

The fact we’re over a year into this thread and nothing about the feature, doesn’t give me much hope.

But you know you can now simply change the Season-Poster etc.? ??

You just have to save a jpg/png in the folder where the videofiles are stored…

Thank you very much. All my problems are solved right now.

Usage details

Episode poster
seriesname/season 1/episodefilename.jpg

Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

All Seasons poster

Series poster (available only while using Library)

Series fanart

This doesn’t help me as I’m using My Plex media server. Also even if I wasn’t, I have a large library of movies and tv shows, kinda defeats the point of Infuse doing it for me, if I have to go into my browser and do all of this manually. Glad it’s a sort of workaround but surely This isn’t hard to implement into the app? Where we can edit metadata, just add a feature to select the poster?

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Exactly, a manual workaround where I have to add an image for every season of every series and for every movie is not the fix I believe we were looking for regarding this thread.

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is it possible to have a movie wallpaper as in iTunes movie? (see file)



2016-2019. Still nothing… Please add it.

You have two options

a) manually download the poster from imdb, tvdb or and place it under the correct name alongside your file
b) use Plex as a share. You can then select the poster via Plex. It will get synced to Infuse.

Hi all

Got myself an Apple TV for Christmas.
Have to say that, in my opinion, what makes it really great for me, is Infuse.
I use it as a replacement for my older wdtv live and it just works flawlessly.

One thing that annoys me a bit is the movie art/posters allthough only for a few movies.
I have named all my movies (on my qnap) so that infuse finds all info automatically.
I don’t use embedded info on the files.

But an option to change the movie art/poster for a movie I cannot find.
I guess Infuse is picking up info and poster from
And here I have checked the different posters so I know there more available.

An example, is that I also own a android device (galaxy tab s2) with an app named Archos video player.
Her I have an option to change poster on movies and it will list all other available poster on a given movie from the movie db.

Of course it’s not the end of the world here for an app like infuse that works so great for me.

But does anyone here know if it’s possible without using embedded data in my mkv files.

Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

Hey stovpo,

But does anyone here know if it’s possible without using embedded data in my mkv files.

yes you need to add coverart as image file beside your moviefile.
you need to put the cover you want (find on google or elsewhere) in the exact same folder as the movie file an name it the exact same way:


you’ll find this information and a lot more in the metadata 101 on this webside.

beside this: your idea to have an cover selector option inside the TV app is great. i’d like to see this in a further update =)


Infuse does not have the possibility to change the metadata cover and fanart directly from an edit metadata menu (like Kodi does).
The TheMovieDB and TheTVDB has many covers and fanarts for the same movie and, sometime, a user prefer to change them without add pics to a folder or editing an XML file.


mod edit

Please see existing topic here.

This + maybe an option to overwrite the existing art that may be in the same folder as the source file.