Manually select artwork from TMDb

Pleeeease! Would be great just to have a button to force download the cover from internet :slight_smile:


I would love this capability for TV Shows… If you use G.Suite drive like me, you’ll know that you can’t use Season#-poster.jpg files. Infuse will not utilize those uploaded files… I would like to be able to select from the various uploaded season poster artwork or better yet, have the ability to upload from a local file…

Hello ! Any news about this feature? Have the same problem here for my shows. Would be great if I could browse the TVDB available covers for each.


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Have to agree. This is the only reason for me to stick to plex/emby.

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I crave this option SO bad. I’ve actually tried many times to leave infuse and go to plex just for this feature! (if it weren’t for the fact that infuse just works with NAS way better/easier then plex does…) I have anime in my library and many times the selected artwork from thetvdb is not really something i want as cover art but, where as in plex i can choose from all available posters to be used for cover art, with infuse i’m stuck with whatever it defaults to. :frowning:

and i’m not going to try and download/save an image and rename it and place it in the correct folder for all my titles… sorry, too lazy for all that.

I will LOVE to see this feature implemented into the app. It’s very annoying how the web’s algorithm (and the community) selects the cover for you.
For example, right now there’s no consistency at all between the three Godfather’s artwork. Different designs taken from different collection releases.

It’s just absurd. Please James, take this into consideration.

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In the database of tmdb or thetvdb are often several posters of movies or series available. How can I say Infuse, which it should Display?


I don’t think it’s possible but it wouldbe greatto have the ability to choose (on iOS and tv OS)

I was just about to ask the same. If you found a way, please let us know :slight_smile:

Same request for me !

Moving to suggestions. :slight_smile:



I hope this finally get implemented in Infuse 5.1!
Because it’s absolutely significant to select Custom Covers and Metadata!


I hope you’ll consider to implement it soon :wink:

EDIT : I have created a request on the new system, feel free to vote there :

I too would like this implemented

Will be so usefull

I still would like to see this implemented

I, too, would like to see this implemented.