Manually select artwork from TMDB

It would be great if there was a way to manually select which artwork was used for Movies and TV shows. Both TVDB and MovDB have several “posters” for each show and movie, but currently Infuse seems to just grab whichever one it wants at random.


yes, this is really necessary!
and an Option to select custom-Covers for TVShows…

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Please add this feature along with custom artwork.


Hi everyone,

first of all I want to say that I love the Infuse Pro App on my ATV 4K and also my other Apple devices :slight_smile:
The only thing I can complain about is that I don’t have the chance to change the Covers inside the app is there any chance to implement that feature in future versions?


Have you by any chance seen this page here?

It discusses many ways to make things your own.

Thanks for your post I knew this page and know how to change Posters but I asked for a solution that allows to change the Posters inside the app of the ATV or on the iPhone directly.

Not quite sure what you’re wanting to change. Are you referring to the individual TV show and movie posters or are you referring to the icons that represent the shares and library?

I referring to the individual TV and Movie posters I’m not talking about the icons of the library.

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Adding a jpg to the folder with the same name as the show doesn’t take much time. Have you tried this?

Yes I do it that way and thats true it doesn’t take much time but the ue would be much better when there is a chance to change them inside the app

Where would you get the jpg files within the app to attach to the file? What source would you draw from?

Same source Plex is using The Movie Data Base or IMDB something like that


I would love to be able to change the artwork within Infuse. I realise that you can just put your own artwork in a folder, however I have over 600 odd films and if I want to change them all that is going to take a very long time.



A simple contextual option to “Get Cover Art” or “Overwrite Cover Art” could go out and research the database for the cover art for the file.



You can change the cover art for the movie inside the app. You select the movie to get to the details page (don’t play the movie) click the little pencil icon and search for the name of the movie. Pick the correct one and year from the list. Boom! Cover art and all other metadata corrected to match the movie. This is helpful for movies like Alice in Wonderland that have several different versions.

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Hello. Yes I know you can do that, what would be even better is being able to choose the cover art myself and not just have it randomly selected for me. When you go to the site you can see that many movies have a lot of different covers to choose from.


Yes! This is honestly the biggest thing I miss about Plex.

Both The Movie Database and The TV Database often have many cover art options/designs available for each movie and TV show. Plex offers the option to choose your favourite version for your library, whereas Infuse seems to just choose them at random (sometimes it looks like they prefer the highest rated artwork, but not always).

For those who are really picky about their cover art (like me!), being able to select from options within the app is a MUCH simpler solution than downloading specific artwork files, renaming them and and placing them on your media drive.



I would also love the possibility to change the poster from within the app (ATV), as mentioned before the sources of the scraping has a lot of different posters for each match so it would be really nice to change it from the app instead of the manual need for downloading it and place it in your folder.

This is also one of my biggest wishes in Infuse, and it shouldn’t be that hard to fix.

Thanks for your great effort!