Manually Overriding Metadata & Cover Art

Hi James,

Have followed your instructions for manually placing file and folder cover art. I’ve followed the instructions down the the letter but it doesnt work.

Do I need to turn something on? Or even turn off automatic metadata fetching?

For the majority of my films, the automatic metadata is fine, but i have movies of the kids growing up and holidays that grab random metadata and coverart so I want to use my own for these, but not the majority of the ‘hollywood’ films I have.

Hope this makes sence?

Are you using Grid View? We’ve resolved a few issues where manual cover art and metadata were missing in Grid View.

These fixes should be available in the next update.

I just played around with it since I’m new to aTV Flash (black) and I needed a way to have folder cover art for my ripped tv shows, as they didn’t seem to be pulled automatically. 

Basically you just need a file called “folder.jpg” inside the folder.

So if you have a folder named “My holiday 2009”, inside that folder, simply place an image called “folder.jpg”, and then that should do it.

Same problem here

Thanks all.

And yes, using grid view (love it!)

I Have the same problem, not using grid view, aTV flash is not using my cover arts for folders nor for movies.

I´m following the instructions on the guide: placing an image with the name folder.jpg inside the folder an nothing, same happen with movies, I place an image with the same name of the movie file (cut & past actually the name) an nothing, I tried disabling automatic fecth and nothing.

My setup is my mac, sharing a folder with my movies and coverarts with the aTV, playback works fine but my custom coverart is not being used


Finally I think I found the issue, the problem is with the JPEG file, even if the image display properly in the MAC and open without any issues in image editors, something the Media player doesnt like in the metadata or the formar and just refuse to display it.

What I did, was open the image with my editor (pixelmator) and save it again, image start displaying properly, is strange but happen to me with most of the coverarts I had.


What size were the files you were having trouble with? The current version of MP will support thumbnails up to 600KB in size.


Hi James, size is smaller than 600Kb, I have uploaded 4 JPG to the mediafire link below, 2 are good and 2 are bad, maybe they will help on debug this issue.

Thanks. We’ll take a look.