Manually "mark as unwatched" movies are missing from unwatched list

When i manually mark an already watched movie as unwatched via PLEX (web or app) , the movie should show up in the unwatched playlist in INFUSE but doesn’t until i mark it again in the INFUSE app (ATV).

(Un)Watched status gets synced from PLEX to INFUSE, the marked movies show up in search results, but they don’t get added to the unwatched section without marking them again in INFUSE.

Can this be fixed please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are these missing from Infuse’s ‘Unwatched’ list, or do you have a separate playlist in Plex for unwatched items?

They’re missing from Infuse’s unwatched list.

@james Any progress here? Thanks.

Unwatched is completely fouled up for me, nothing works. Used to before last 2 versions. Submitted ticket. Shows that have plenty of episodes unwatched (whether manually marking or not) no longer show up as unwatched, etc.

Unwatched TV shows is the only thing I watch! So, really a hassle right now searching for them.

Another week has passed. Any response, @james ? Please?

No response from my support email either. For me, here’s what I have determined. It seems to mess up my local news. These never show up in unwatched. They are considered “specials”, can’t possibly match to trakt and don’t show up in history there. Going to jnwatched tv shows, the do not show up, ever. So, using the standard Infuse structure, I can go to tv shows, amd. Unwatched, not there. But, I can go to By Genre and scroll way down to news, and they are there, marked as unwatched with orange triangle! They do show up in recently added.

Another recently recorded by Emby show, Weakest Link, is unwatched and I had no idea, just found it. What a mess. This one does not show in IOS Infuse as unwatched, but does show in Emby as unwatched. No idea why.

If I go to IOS, they show in the unwatched TV shows row just fine. So, Infuse on IOS works fine.

I have 3 local news programs recorded by Emby, the names are what shows up in the Guide of course:

KTEN News at 10
KTEN News at 10 Saturday
KTEN News at 10 Sunday

None of these show up as unwatched. Changed a few versions ago. There was an infuse change that broke this. I realize many here use movie libraries, and their use case is different. I use Infuse/Emby mostly as a tivo of sorts.

I’ve wasted so much time on this. I’ve reported this several times, tech support ticket, I’ve cleared metadata, rebuilt all content in infuse, removed the InfuseSync plugin from Emby, deleted database, and re-added, etc.

@james, why is nobody looking into this? Why no response?
It’s clearly a bug that needs to be fixed.

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I did hear back at last on my ticket, they asked me some questions a few days ago and I responded. That’s it.

Still a problem in 7.3.10, still broken since February with no responses from anyone other than initial question in the support ticket.

Still a problem since February. Very very surprised. Ticket goes unanswered, no one posts in this thread. Completely ignored and swept under the table. I don’t get it. Firecore has been responsive in the past.

What is the problem with responding to tickets? Why does this remain outstanding? It is ticket 142443 which I submitted on 3/2 after this thread got no responses and neither did my other thread about the issue.

The devs have marked this thread as “researching” so they are looking into it. My personal guess is that it’s not a black and white issue that’s easy to duplicate so it may take some time.

That would make sense, I see researching. What I don’t get it why not ask me (firecore) for more specifics, examples, screen shots, access to my machine, whatever?

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Again, TOTAL speculation on my part but with the diagnostics you sent when you sent in the report and the questions answered from the other ticket they may have a clue as to what’s going and and may be trying to figure out if it could be a change to the outside programs like Plex or Trakt that coincided with the recent changes to Infuse.

Not making excuses for Firecore but I’ve had to herd a few cats in my time and I know how things go crazy at times. :wink:

I suppose there is > 0 chance that is the case, but as noted in original case, started in 7.3.4, the exact time it was installed. I give it an 99.9% chance it’s Infuse.

Would be happy to provide any and all details, access to machines, whatever. It’s a devastating bug for me.

Just to double check I understand, you aren’t getting the watched status updated on the ATV when you watch elsewhere but on iOS devices they are getting the watched status updated from the ATV and other devices?

I know you’ve probably run through the gambit on settings but just in case, on the ATV settings under General > Usage > Background App Refresh do you have Background App Refresh turned on and Infuse set to “On”? What other apps do you have that are set to on?

Way more complicated than the way it is. Ignore IOS, ignore anywhere else. I watch on ATV only.

The list of unwatched shows does not include all shows that are unwatched. As simple as that.

@james Any progress here?
3 months later now since i reported this bug.

4 months, and the problem has actually gotten worse, more missing shows.

@james Please provide some feedback!

I reported this issue back in February and still nothing has happened except marking this thread as “researching”…


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