Manually iCloud sync not working with cellular data


I have iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 16.b3. My problem is that I can manually sync with iCloud only on Wi-Fi. This is a bug or I’m the only one?

Some sync operations are not currently available while not on Wi-Fi, but we’ll be looking into providing an option to enable these.

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This has been improved in today’s 7.4.6 update.

Now, syncing with iCloud can be triggered manually at any time by tapping the ‘Sync with iCloud’ option found in Settings > Library.

If you want iCloud syncing to happen automatically (like it does on Wi-Fi) you can enable the ‘Cellular Sync and Download’ option found in Settings > General.

Of course, both options will require having the ‘Cellular Data’ option enabled in iOS Settings > Infuse.

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