Manually fetching movie artwork / no TV artwork

Two problems!

My movies are all tidily named with title and year (for example, “The Avengers (2012)”) and stored in one folder. I’ve had to manually force a metadata reload for about 35% of them today, mainly ones that I’ve recently added. Is there a known issue at the moment? I have another ATV that I like to have in sync, but I don’t want to have to do the same on that one too!

Secondly, for my TV Shows, the folder is set as containing TV Shows. I have my folders set up as below…

TV Shows/Modern Family/Season 1/Modern.Family.S01E01.mkv

ATV picks up show names and thumbnails for each video, but the Modern Family folder just shows a folder icon (in Grid View) and the Season 1 folder shows amovie/video icon (the filmstrip on a grey background) - both generic ATV Flash Black icons, nothing to do with the show. Should these folders not be showing a Modern Family thumbnail?