Manually Editing Media Metadata Database



I’m trying to edit the database file to correct some metadata information. If I edit the database and reupload it in the apple tv using ssh, the media player shows the edited metadata correctly, however after that the media player cannot write on the edited database anymore. I have tried using two different SQLite database editing softwares in my mac, SQLiteManager ( and SQLite Database Browser (, and the problem persists with both. My question is, can you please suggest a database program (preferably for mac) with which I can edit the metadata database without the above problem?


The main reason for manually editing the metadata is, media player’s default metadata scrapper is, which is filled with incorrect information. I have reach metadata scrapped from IMDB in local xml files, but examining the database shows that it only reads some limited fields from the local xml files, and information like user rating and votes, writers, etc. are scrapped from TMDB. Is there any particular reason for only scrapping some limited number of fields from the local xml files? Maybe you should look at this in future updates, so that people like me who have existing rich metadata available can use the better metadata instead of using incorrect TMDB metadata.




What is the error message? How do you know it can’t write to it?

Is it because the file ownership has changed? is owned by user mobile, group mobile on mine. Are you deleting it and uploading it with file ownership of root?

chown mobile:mobile
chmod 644


There is no error message. However, I know that media player cant edit it because, after reuploading the edited database file scanning for new content doesn’t add movies or tv shows anymore and if I change the view type of a folder it doesn’t change it to the new view type.


It might be because of the ownership, because I have uploaded it as root user, not as mobile user. Will try the mobile user and see if there is any difference. Thanks for the advice.


The problem was indeed due to file ownership. Once I have uploaded the database file as mobile user, the problem was fixed. Thanks for the help!




Can either of you tell me what fields are dictating whether the categorisation is a “movie” or “other”?