Manually add metadata to home video series


Could someone tell me how to manually add metadata to a home video series. I have a folder with some personal movies and I want to give this folder the same feel and look as a regular TV show:

  • The same cover art for all videos

  • Episode listing e.g. episode 1: birth of son; episode 2: first baby steps etc.

  • Per episode a short discription, release date etc

  • And for the fun factor other commonally used metadata for TV Shows, like cast, director, ratings etc.


In the support section there is already a XML template for movies, but can someone modify this so it can be used as TV show template.


Thanks :).


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Yeah would be nice to know how to do that!

All you need to do is have a jpg of what you want it to be. If you place it inside a folder then you need to call it folder.jpg. or you can have it outside the folder and then you need to call it the same thing as the movie. EX  movie  is called birth of son.  birth of son.jpg.  When the movie is on the screen hold down the menu button and pick "chose metadata and it will choose the pic you used.

Hi Jamie,

Thank you for you reply, but how about the other metadata. In the support section there is a XML templeta for manually add/ edit metadata for movies. However my XML knowledge is limitted, so I can’t modify it so it can be used as a XML template for tv shows

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I will have to look into that. I have not used it