'Manual Share Point' fails to mount

I’m having a problem creating a second ‘Manual Share Point’ (see here for the ATV Flash instructions I’m following - http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?titl … _Streaming ).

I have two Macs and successfully created an SMB ‘Manual Share Point’ for one of them and could play files across the network to my Apple TV. I then created a second ‘Manual Share Point’ for my second Mac in exactly the same way as the first, but my Apple TV was unable to mount the second Mac’s volume. I don’t know much about networks so I’m wondering what the cause might be.

Everything about the second Mac is the same as the first except for two things:

  1. I gave each share a unique name when setting it up.

  2. Each Mac has its unique computer name e.g. Mac1.local and Mac2.local.

Apart from those differences, the User Name, Password, and Volume Path is the same for both shares. I’m wondering if that could help explain the problem with mounting the second share?

To make things more complicated, I have a second Apple TV on the same network on which I hope to set up two similar ‘Manual Share Points’ pointing at the same Volume Paths on both Macs. Does anyone know it that will work?


To again partially answer my own question (this is becoming a habit) - I did manage to get the second Manual Share Point (MSP) to work … for a while.

I had to do a cold reboot of my Apple TV and then I was able to mount the new MSP and find the files. I then mounted the other share and I could see and play those files. All fine so far. But when I tried again to play from those MSPs I got an error message in both cases.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a reliable MSP working on both Macs?