Manual search for TV series/season/episode match

My current setup consists of using real-debrid as a WebDAV connected to Infuse. For the most part, this works really well except for two issues that relate to TV Shows (usually anime).

I love that metadata is auto-fetched based on the filename, but one caveat of using real-debrid as a WebDAV is that files cannot be renamed. Thus, the organization of the TV Shows in my Infuse library is at the mercy of the uploader of the TV Show. I will use the anime Bleach as an example for the two issues I run into when trying to fetch correct metadata.

  1. Bleach - Thousand-Year Blood War - 01.mkv The filename does not contain references to ‘S’ or ‘E’. In this instance, Infuse will only allow metadata fetching of movies. There is no solution to get this file recognized as a TV Show. The episodes will be categorized in the ‘Other’ section of Infuse. For a show like Bleach, this can be 300+ separate items in the ‘Other’ section.
  2. BLEACH.Thousand-Year.Blood.War.S01E01.THE.BLOOD.WARFARE.1080p.mkv The filename does contain ‘S’ and ‘E’ references but the semantics differ from TMDB’s organization scheme. The anime community and TMDB argue about how the seasons should be organized for this show: the anime community sees Thousand Year Blood War as a separate show (therefore with a S01 start) while TMDB recognizes it as just the second season of Bleach. Thus, this filename will fetch metadata for the first episode of Bleach (in 2004) instead of Thousand Year Blood War (in 2022). The wrong metadata is pulled but at least this keeps it from being in the ‘Other’ category in Infuse.

A realize a possible solution could be to download the files to a local drive, rename them, and then stream it to Infuse, but it isn’t the most optimal setup for me. And like many others, I have issues file sharing with macOS Ventura.

I am not sure what an ideal solution could be, but I wanted to open this up for discussion and place it on the radar of the developers.



Even I really need help on the same thing. Is there any tool to edit filenames in realdebrid? Also, Firecore team has to add a feature to search TV Shows as well

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Set up: Apple TV 4K-infuse-real-Debrid
Movies meta pulling is amazing so far. However the tv meta pulling is a total hit and miss. Cannot sort the pilot episode into the same show. Cannot identify anime tv series and instead it directed and insisted it belongs to the movie title.
I know you use two different site to sort your meta. We really should have freedom to choose what it’s best for the shows we know the best.
Alone 2015 reality survival shows- sort pilot episodes into others-cannot edit the metadata as the script insists it’s some kind of movie.
Patlabor: the new files (ova) - cannot be edited because the script think it’s animated movie.
New to infuse and this is frustrating. The homepage looks horrible. Why don’t give us access to the both sources of metadata?

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Infuse currently uses for both TV and Film metadata.

To make Infuse search for tv metadata the episode filenames must be named including the season and episode information.

Your example Alone 5015 the episodes should be named like …


The S01E01 in the name makes infuse recognise it is looking for a TV series.

If the names does not look like a TV series then Infuse thinks it should look for a film.

More information about file naming firms can be found at Metadata 101 – Firecore Support

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Thanks for the quick reply. I use real-Debrid WebDAV to stream so that is not option for me.

As @remotevisitor said, Infuse only uses TMDB and as long as you follow the naming format in the users guide Infuse should have no problems letting you search for matches that it doesn’t get right the first time. (Which is rare :wink: )

I moved your post to a suggestion thread requesting this specific feature regarding WebDAV and real-Debrid.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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Thank you. I think infuse really needs to give the authority of editing metadata to users. The webdav just magnified and exacerbate the issue.

It does and you can find the users guides on how to modify the metadata in multiple ways.

Also there are several currently running suggestions on adding to the current abilities and a search of the suggestions forum will get you pointed in the right direction to add your support to those. :+1:

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This is an absolute must, it’s driving me crazy.

I’m trying the app VidHub with my webDAV an it’s not an issue there, you can search for a title without the assumption it’s a movie or a tv show. And you can also confirm the season and episode.

I love infuse but this really ruins the experience for me and I don’t get why this cannot be changed, I have read several posts complaining about this.