Manual Override for TV Show Metadata Fetching on WebDAV

My current setup consists of using real-debrid as a WebDAV connected to Infuse. For the most part, this works really well except for two issues that relate to TV Shows (usually anime).

I love that metadata is auto-fetched based on the filename, but one caveat of using real-debrid as a WebDAV is that files cannot be renamed. Thus, the organization of the TV Shows in my Infuse library is at the mercy of the uploader of the TV Show. I will use the anime Bleach as an example for the two issues I run into when trying to fetch correct metadata.

  1. Bleach - Thousand-Year Blood War - 01.mkv The filename does not contain references to ‘S’ or ‘E’. In this instance, Infuse will only allow metadata fetching of movies. There is no solution to get this file recognized as a TV Show. The episodes will be categorized in the ‘Other’ section of Infuse. For a show like Bleach, this can be 300+ separate items in the ‘Other’ section.
  2. BLEACH.Thousand-Year.Blood.War.S01E01.THE.BLOOD.WARFARE.1080p.mkv The filename does contain ‘S’ and ‘E’ references but the semantics differ from TMDB’s organization scheme. The anime community and TMDB argue about how the seasons should be organized for this show: the anime community sees Thousand Year Blood War as a separate show (therefore with a S01 start) while TMDB recognizes it as just the second season of Bleach. Thus, this filename will fetch metadata for the first episode of Bleach (in 2004) instead of Thousand Year Blood War (in 2022). The wrong metadata is pulled but at least this keeps it from being in the ‘Other’ category in Infuse.

A realize a possible solution could be to download the files to a local drive, rename them, and then stream it to Infuse, but it isn’t the most optimal setup for me. And like many others, I have issues file sharing with macOS Ventura.

I am not sure what an ideal solution could be, but I wanted to open this up for discussion and place it on the radar of the developers.


Even I really need help on the same thing. Is there any tool to edit filenames in realdebrid? Also, Firecore team has to add a feature to search TV Shows as well