Manual metadata?

I have 10-15 movies that miss metadata when added to Infuse. Although several of the movies exist on themoviedb… Why are they not recognized?

It seems very cumbersome to add an .xml file to each movie - is there any other way to add metadata manually?

I am also struggling with metadata recognition issues. With some movies, I have additional descriptors after the movie name and year such as "Almost Famous [2000] [Director’s Edition]…], or “Number 23 [2007] [Uncut]…” and with each one, the “Director’s Edition” and “Uncut” descriptor causes the entire file to go unrecognized. Other files have the wrong year tied to them on themoviedb, such as “Kill Me Three Times” which is a 2014 movie but tMDB lists it as a 2015 movie. Additionally, I have seasons of full Blu-Rays that are not being found, such as the second and third season of the House of Cards.

I like having the ability to search, but some movies/shows are not coming up during search even though they appear on tMDB. I would like to see Infuse provide instant results when clicking “edit”. E.g. Actually find “House of Cards” and offer it as a choice.