Manual metadata for TV shows


really like using Infuse 5 Pro, with Tv shows and Movies automatically and perfectly detected.
I also have some russian Tv shows for my wife, which aren’t detected or recognized, so I would like to prepare manual xml and jpgs for them.
I did it already for russian movies without problems, but for tv shows I really don’t understand how many xmls and jpgs (and with which names) I have to put in the folders structure.
I mean, I use the usual structure “name tv show”/“season …”/episodes.
I don’t know which name should I use for jpgs, and where to put xml…(for the serie, for the season…)
is there a guide of that only for tv shows ? Because I found them for movies, but for movies is alot easier :slight_smile:
Could somebody of u help me where to find these infos ?
Thanks in advance

Manual TV show metadata is not supported at this time, but it’s something we’re looking into for a future update.