Manual "Collections" Possible?

Is there a way to group movies together if the movies in question cannot be purchased together?

For example, I would like to group the Pixar movies together like a collection but (as far as I know) there is no Pixar Boxed Set available. I tried putting the movies into a folder on the share titled “Pixar Collection”, but the movies appear separately in the Library.

Also, I ripped the Pixar Short Films and put them into a folder on the share titled “Pixar Short Films” and they too appear separately in the library.

Do I need to create an XML data file to group these movies together ()?

Manual collections are not supported at this time. Sorry.

The closest thing would be to use an XML file, and add a custom genre tag to the videos you want to group together (EG Pixar). Doing this would allow a new Pixar genre to be listed in Library > Movies > By Genre.

Thanks James. That looks like an easy workaround. Is this a feature that might be added at some point?

Also, is there a MediaType tag that is not “Movie” or “TV Show” that I can apply to the Pixar Short Films so they do not show up in “Movies”?