Managing Videos on Mac Mini

I’m using Infuse 6 with Apple TV4; any suggestions for managing my Library on my Mac Mini (Catalina), I was using Plex, but I’d prefer not to?

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I’d recommend you start out with an SMB connection not DLNA or UPnP. That will get you the full benefit of the Library function in Infuse.

This users guide should help you get started

I don’t use Plex. I simply have a bunch of harddisks contrasting all the files and I’ve set them up as Favorites and clicked whether or not to add them to “The Library” so to speak

I’m up and running…great! I posted a question: I’ve been using Plex for viewing movies, etc. on Apple TV4 and for managing my “library” on my Mac. Now that I have Infuse I can get ride of Plex. Can you recommend a video organizer/manager app I can use on my Mac?

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Not sure why you need an additional program. As long as your files are named with the recommended formats and you use the recommended file structures you should be good to go.

First, here’s how Infuse expects to see files named

I’d highly recommend that for TV shows you stick with the first example
“show-name S01E02.mkv” while others may work this one seems to be the style with the least amount of problems.

Here’s the page with all of the users guides that has a wealth of info

Thank you very much for the help. I use my Mac Mini most of the day and that’s where I want to manage my videos; Plex did that, but I’m not inclined to keep using it. There’s a great app called Coollector which I just found out will do more or less what I want.

As for title formats, I’ll make sure I stick with your recommendations.

Hi, just looked at the collector app and I think you’ll have a world of pain with that!
Infuse seems to be tied to 2 databases, TMDB & TVDB and tied to that are specific ways off titleing your media.
Reading the infuse metadata 101 section will help, its not 100% but it’ll get you close.
Apart from infuse being tied to 2 specific databases which can and has caused a lot of pain, its a good app with lots of community help.


Hi - sorry, I may not have been clear, I have Infuse connected directly to the video folders/files on an external drive which my Apple TV4 finds (SMB) and that seems to be working perfectly (although I have some manual housekeeping to do). The database is a stand-alone on my Mac, where I spend most of my time (I only intermittently use my iPhone). Coollector would be like an old-fashioned library card catalog – just tells me what I have in the libraries – it’s not connected to anything else.

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You may want to just use your mac with Infuse and not any additional software for a while and see if it’s ok. When you add an additional layer of another app manipulating the files you’re doubling your chances of having problems.

Hi - that’s what I’m doing…Infuse only connects to the folders where the videos are, on my Mac. Coollector is not connected in any way to the video folders/files or to Infuse.

I think of Coollector as a list of my movies (with information about them), not as a source or even a participant in watching them.

Ahh, ok, as long as it’s not an active participant and it’s just an additional informational source for your collection. :wink:

This was my first experience with the forum (having just installed Infuse 6 on Apple TV4 today), and I’m very appreciative on the support I’ve gotten…thank you very much for hanging in there with me.


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