Managing the transition from HD to 4K

So I finally upgraded my living room ATV to the 4K model so I could begin leveraging that sweet 75" 4K TV that I picked up a couple years ago. Naturally, the existing ATV4 will be moved into the guest room where the technology stack is still firmly entrenched in the HD days. I don’t forsee any 4k upgrades for the guest room any time soon, and as such, I need to find an effective way to manage my streaming library now that it will contain both 4k and HD content.

That being said, I’m unsure just how to go about doing this. Initially, I thought about storing 4K content and HD content separately on my NAS. However, the Infuse Library folder (which is what we use most of the time) is smart enough to aggregate all of that content into one place. While this method will work fine on the 4K stack, I suspect the HD stack will struggle if, for example, an unsuspecting relative just wants to watch a movie and has no idea said movie is in 4K which the HD TV cannot playback.

Have any of you encountered this challenge? If so, how did you go about addressing it? Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Well I’m ancient so my answer was pretty straight forward.

Since (for now) the vast majority of my library fits in the 1080p and below and the 4K content I have are duplicates of some of my 1080p and lower content I just added a separate folder with 4K content, made that a home screen fav and then excluded it from the library. I have a pretty good idea of which movies I have in 4K so I’ll check that favorite first to watch it in 4K.

I will say that I also have tried leaving the 4K movies in the Library and when browsing as long as you look at the descriptions you’ll see double for the movie but one will have the 4K resolution listed in under the title and the other dup will have the lower resolution listed. Once you have the other users used to looking at that when they see doubles it can work too.

Or we could all support this suggestion and have both :grinning:

Exactly. I do the same thing with exclusion and I support that post wholeheartedly :slight_smile:

The DS Video app from Synology has this exact feature. When you have a 1080p and 4k version of the same movie, it catalogs as one and throws up an option box to select which movie version you want to watch. I wish FireCore would allow the same movie with different resolutions without duplicating in the library. It doesnt seem like a difficult feature to add

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