Managing Meta Data

A few things to suggest about meta data after getting started with Infuse:

  1. Need to be able to clear meta data or force a hard refresh at a specific movie, tv series, tv season, and/or tv show level.

I added some custom meta data to an episode (picture and XML file), then made changes. Infuse wouldn’t pick up the changes. I had to clear the entire cache. That’s a heavy hammer to swing.

  1. You guys need an example TV show episode XML on the meta data. There’s only one for movies.

This page: Metadata and Cover Art – Firecore

  1. I find it odd that you can’t put the year in the name of the show and have it work. It wasn’t parsing my “The Walking Dead (2010)” folder until I renamed it to “The Walking Dead”. What happens if a show with the same name has existed twice in different runs in different years?

  2. The system overall does not seem robust to TV show XML files. I did get it to parse one, but it’s not immediate nor reliable like images are.

As Infuse currently uses for the tv show Metadata you should name it as on that site; so if the show there includes the year in the name then include the year, if it does not then you should not. In general the first show with a given name does not include the year and subsequent show with the same name includes the year in the name.