Managing Content Without I-Tunes

How can I better put Movies into my ATV without using I-Tunes?
Yes, I’ve uploaded content using Fugu & Nito, but it isn’t showing up in “My Movies”.
I’d like to move content into and out of the ATV in a way to still easily see it all in one place, “My Movies” without being limited to I-Tunes.
This question got thrown off the Apple Board after using the Fgu and Nto words.
No sense of humor over there at all!

I’d recommend adding xbmc to your atv . . . I’ve been using it for about a month, and it works great.

Simply point it towards your media and it will pull down the thumbnails, plots, actors, etc. automatically. … and is about 98% accurate . . . at least with my library.

The main reason I put it on was because I was tired of managing everything through itunes.

Trust me, you’ll like it. If you have a mac (i think pcs too) . . . try it out on that first to see if you like it.