Manage videos from PC/server directly from phone/ipad

The update with wifi uploading is a nice start, but I was wondering if you knew if there is a way to get media files from a PC / media server to the app, without using a PC.  Other apps that do video streaming let you install applications to interface with the app, so you can download videos or stream them entirely from the device.

Is there a way to do this with Infuse?  Some sort of 3rd party app even, that I’m not aware perhaps, that could copy videos to the phone/iPad, then you’d be able to read them in infuse?

Dropbox isn’t really that great if you have a bunch of movies or shows copied, because the size quickly becomes an issue with online storage.  Even an FTP functioning in reverse would be fine, if you could connect to your own PC via FTP in the app or wifi, and browse & download videos that way.  

Thanks for your feedback.

We’re working on a few streaming options that will allow files to be streamed or transferred to the iPad from a Mac, PC or NAS drive. Thsi will allow you to pull files from these devices to the iPad without having to sit in front of a Mac/PC to transfer them.

We’re hoping to have this feature available this coming fall.

This fall ? Damn, is soon !   

Can’t wait, guys.

Honestly, actually, I’m using Plex to stream my macs video to my apple TV via iPhone/iPad. But the Infuse UI is so great, I want all the plex features with your great UI !

I would like to stream from my NAS only. There is no idea to transfer to i-devices or convert to mp4 to save space. There is not enough space on the device to store generally.

Coming soon. :slight_smile:

As for me, iTunes is the first choice to try because it is supported by Apple but sometimes it may sync the data automatically. Thus, it is a must to move to “Edit > Preference > Devices”, and check “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically” at first. Then, connect iPad to iTunes on computer. Next, move to videos files like “Movies” under the “Summary” option. When you click “Sync” and “Apply”, you can transfer your videos to iPad Mini/Air from computer successfully.

You can try to use iTunes, which can sync and play videos from iPad. You can do this to transfer videos from iPad to PC:
1.Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to PC.
2.Select your iPhone in iTunes and select Video from the row of tabs that are presented, which allows you to select “Movies” and other video files.
3.Then either select to sync all videos or select the playlists you want on the iPhone. Then click on Apply and Sync option to accomplish transferring videos. This may get your iPad data synced automatically, so you’d better go to “Edit > Preference > Devices”, and check “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically”.

Yes ,you are right !
Transfer iOS devices data to computer . You can use Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to PC Transfer software to help. It really works great !!