would it be possible to add mame in ATV2? No ROMs of course.

It would be interesting to understand if the ATV2 can be used as a small power console.



Hi Tangomar. Did you ever get an answer to this? I have an ATV2 also and I have not idea how to run the MAME front end emulator, or any other for that matter. Please let me know if you have found out anything.  A~

XBMC has an emulator for the gamers. I don’t bother with it but you need to insall the Advanced Launcher ad-on

Quinn - Thank you for the reply… very helpful. I will reseach the advanced luancher add-on, instead of trying to move forward with MAME frontend. Thanks again! A~

not a problem…

is there an answer on this topic?

I think Roku 2 greatest additions are the games and the additional channels.

If Apple isn’t going to do it, maybe FireCore should think about it. An emulator without ROMs would be a fantastic addition (just pacman or space invaders or frogger)

Hi Maxscipio - I have not followed up, so I am not sure if the emulator ever was released for the ATV2. I know the MAME arcade emulator is available on the ATV first generation, but I have not seen in for ATV2. The ATV2 has no internal hard drive, like the first gen model… that may have something to do with it. Let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same! 


I think that is just a front-end for existing emulators on ATV1 (that is a PC).

There are a bunch of emulators for iOS on Cydia but they would need to be adapted to ATV2 screen and controller…