Making the aTV web browser usable

Hi you lot,

I recently created a automator service to send a link from my computer onto the aTVs browser with one click. I made a blog post as well, which describes the process and has a demo page as well.

I hope you enjoy :$


But isn't it easier to just use the Remote App on an iPhone or iPod Touch to control the browser?

Have you tried my automator service? It only takes 5 mins to set up and after that sending a link only takes 2 secs. I made this service as a way to get the content I stumble upon on my mac over to the aTV and not as a perfect way to browse the web. Though I would say that it is to some extent easier for me to use this service than using my iphone if the only thing I want is to go to on specific webpage.

Interesting. Thanks for the write-up. :)