Make up/down scrolling consistent at top/bottom of folder grid

I use a Logitech Harmony remote to control all my AV equipment and in general it works great with Infuse. However there is one issue that I find a great annoyance (this can also be replicated if you use the old silver remote which comes with an ATV2)…

Basically when in grid view showing TV series or Movies the use of the cursor keys are slightly inconsistent when the edge of the grid is encountered.

When at right edge, cursor right takes you to left entry on next row … Good
When at left edge, cursor left takes you to right entry on previous row … Good

When at top row, cursor up does nothing
When at bottom row, cursor down goes to top row

So the cursor up and down actions are not consistent with each other. My preference would be for cursor up to take you to the bottom. But I would settle for cursor down not taking you to the top.

The reason is that I frequently cursor down through a list of TV series/movies and if I happen to press one too many down commands I end up at the top and have to scroll through the list once again.