Make Mac SMB shares work without having to use unencrypted user/password storing


I put this in the tvOS discussion because without it Infuse for Apple TV is useless for me.

I have a Mac mini running Sierra with all my videos.
The only way I have to make them available on Infuse for Apple TV is to check the “save password unencrypted” for the user on the Mac and I do not want to do that (neither should you).
See the attached screenshot to see what I am talking about

This has been going on for years, and the requirement tp check that box has not even been described in the Firecore support database, so I spent quite a lot of time figuring out why infuse would not work with the SMB shares on my Mac.

That is one good point of the subscription model: if this is not addressed, I will (unhappily) cancel my subscription before the end of the free month.

Would love to get an answer from Firecore on this.

Have a great day,

As an alternative, you could use SFTP instead of SMB. A bit more info on enabling this on your Mac can be found here.

Also, we’re working to add NFS as a streaming option for 5.2, which would be another way to connect.