Make automatic content fetching depending on new setting flag.

This is my first message on this forum. I just created account for it - earlier I was only reading the forum looking for interesting information and news.
I am using Infuse Pro 5 for a year now. I bought it as main (and actually only) complement to AppleTV 4K.
For this year of using Infuse Pro my biggest concern is that I can not start watching content as long as content fetching is still running - instead of movie or TV episode I see rotating circle. Scanning and fetching starts automatically each time I start Infuse Pro and in case of earlier issues with scanning.

My suggestion is to add new setting flag which when set would be read by Infuse as “I have library scanned and up to date i do not have to start scanning for new content by myself”. When not set (default) all the actions done by Infuse would be like they are now.
Manual pressing new refresh button on main screen or “Scan for Changes” in Library menu would start scanning and content fetching like it is now.

Why is it so important to me?
I have big library located on 6 Shares (NFS).
Scanning with no new content takes 4 minutes with Infuse Pro 5.9.1. But only when all shares are available. When one of them is not available it takes additional minutes and scanning is repeated (indexing of not available share was failed) after each content watching (for example after watching one TV episode I can not start another - I have to wait for another scanning - several minutes).
To avoid this before starting Infuse I have to start all shares.
With suggested change I could start only the shares I need in this moment and could enjoy the watching instantly.

I do not know if it matters here but this is also very environment friendly suggestion - a lot of saved Watts from not switching on not needed at the time shares are on the line :).

Last thing, during this year I saw somewhere on this forum proposition to add new position to context menu showing when you press button for longer time on each of the Favourites icons on main screen. This position would be “Scan Favourite” and as name says would scan and fetch content from only this one Favourite. This would perfectly match with my suggestion.

I am looking forward to any reply and/or comment.

Kind regards

Welcome to the forum!

There is a suggestion already running here Option to disable "Auto Library Updates" (manually only) tvOS that I believe is the same as you’re asking. Please feel free to add your support to that thread.

Thanks for pointing me there.