Major UI & SSH security improvements

Hello Infuse Team,

I have a few suggestions to help improve the UI and increase the security of your SSH implementation. I’m unsure if the OpenSSH library can be used in iOS, however I do use Apps that support the first 2 protocols in the first 2 suggestions below.

–Security: Add “” support. (“Prompt 2” for iOS, supports it and increases security when streaming via WAN.

–Security: Add “diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256” support, however, “curve-25519-sha256(” seems to be a better choice.

–UI: Separate Gesture Control into a toggle-able option for Volume and the other for Seeking. VLC for iOS has this and I find it much more useful than just having a single option for both.

–UI: Major (in my opinion) improvement can be gained by returning the Parental Control back to the way it was before, IE: having a single PIN Code/Touch ID prompt on the App startup/on background resume instead of having to re-enter the PIN/Touch ID for every subsequent opening of a file. The current App lock is cumbersome and most users don’t need that kind of protection (why would you require PIN for every file if you/others can see previews?).

Aside from the above, I’m very happy with Infuse 4. Pro on an iPhone 7 Plus and will definitely be upgrading for years to come. My suggestions would likely lead to your App being THE iOS App for multimedia videos, akin to VLC generally being the program of choice on Windows/Linux/Mac computers.

Additionally, support for music files would further increase popularity amonst iOS and Android users.

Thank you

Matt B.

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I’ll pass along the SSH suggestions and see what we can do. Thanks!

With regard to parental controls, you can actually adjust how and when the prompts appear. By default, Infuse will require a passcode when playing videos (after enabling Restrictions), but you can limit when this appears by selecting one or more age ratings through the Settings menu. This can be adjusted by changing the ‘Allowed Movie Ratings’ and ‘Allow TV Show Ratings’ settings - just place a checkmark next to the ratings you DON’T want the prompt to appear for. For example, placing a check next to the rating G will allow all G rated films to be played without a passcode.