Maintenance update

A week ago I saw there was an update under Maintenance in my aTvFlash, is there no possibility

to inform all the subscribers by e-mail that there is an update and what is the purpose of the update?



Some updates are just bug fix versions that contain no new features.

Updates that contain new features are always announced via Twitter, Facebook and email.


OK, I understand this, but if you had bugs like me in the past and still have one bug,  and when there is a “bug versions fix”,

it is easy to know if the bugs I have complained about were fixed!  Or do you sent me personally an e-mail that the bug problem I refer is solved?


Right, so if you had an open support ticket that related to bug X, and bug X was thought to be fixed in one of these updates you would have had a response to your support ticket recommending you install the update.

Hope this helps.

OK, thanx!